BOSTON Gundalow
July 1776 - October 1776

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Built: Skenesboro, New York
June-July, 1776

Length: 53' 9"

Complement: 45 men

Power: Single mast; modified gaff-rigged sail

Speed: 3 knots

Armament: 1-12 pound cannon mounted forward; 2-9 pound cannon, one on each beam, 9 rail-mounted swivel guns

The Gundalow BOSTON was built at Skenesboro (now Whitehall) New York during the period June-July 1776.

Part of a fleet that was commanded by General Benedict Arnold, she took part in the Battle of Valcour Island (on Lake Champlain) that delayed the British invasion intended to divide the American colonies.

This BOSTON was grounded and burned to prevent capture by the British squadron at Buttonmold Bay, New York, on 13 October 1776.

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