Frigate BOSTON
May 1799 - August 1814

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Built: Boston, Massachusetts
20 May, 1799

Length: 134'
Beam: 34' 6"
Displacement: 400 tons

Complement: 220 men

Power: Three masts; sail

Speed: 9.2 knots

Armament: 26-12 pound cannon; 12-9 pounders

The third BOSTON, a 28-gun frigate, was launched 20 May 1799 at Boston, Massachusetts and commissioned soon after, with Captain G. Little in command.

BOSTON cruised extensively in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Mediterranean protecting American commerce against privateers, capturing numerous prizes. On 12 October 1800 she captured the French LE BERCEAU, and towed her prize to Boston.

During the winter of 1801 BOSTON carried Minister Livingston to France. She fought Tripolitan gunboats with the Mediterranean Squadron in 1802.

BOSTON returned to Boston, then proceeded to Washington where she was laid up. She remained there until 24 August 1814, when she was burned to prevent her falling into British hands.

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