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Updated: Tuesday, December 9, 2014

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"When social forces press for the rejection of age-old Truth,
then those who reject it will seek meaning in their own "truth."
These truths will rarely be Truth at all;
they will be only collections of personal preferences and prejudices."

—Dean Koontz

This web site is dedicated to the valiant men who have served aboard a U.S. Navy ship named BOSTON. Beginning in 1776, seven BOSTONs have served America.

Our purpose is to preserve and promote the rich history of the long line of naval ships named BOSTON that have served our country, and to bring together past and present crew members. Every year a reunion is held in a different area of our great country. We work to preserve the history of these famous ships and foster the comradeship of their fighting men. If you have attended one of our reunions you've seen comradeship at its best.

Copies of the Deck logs for CA-69 and CAG-1 are available on a USB thumb drive for $30 shipping included. >>>>>>>> The drive also includes a copy of Frank Studenski's diary. >>>>>>> These can only be purchased by Shipmates in good standing. >>>>>> If you are interested, please contact the Secretary.

Here's what you'll find on this web site:

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